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heart (DH)
Posted by angels_burn on 2010.01.09 at 22:24
Hi L's. Something fun to mull over.

The Sherlock Holmes revival made me wonder...

What does your L think about the notorious fictional icon? What do you think about L versus Holmes?

And then if this piques your interest, you must read harleycooper's essay that hooked me well over a year ago: http://harleycooper.livejournal.com/25698.html

Really, I've just been looking for an excuse to pimp that.


firm_detective at 2010-01-10 09:08 (UTC) (Link)
/too tired to formulate an intelligent answer, but...

I think, right now, in RP, it's probably important to think about this in terms of canon-puncture. Ls played in panfandoms are reasonably likely to stumble over a movie!Holmes or two in the next year-ish. Some games encourage canon puncture, some leave it up to the mun's preference, and some actively discourage it. (For example, I play L in damned, and canon puncture isn't allowed there unless you know the other entertainment property exists in your character's canon. I've been careful about Holmes, but there are a few books of Holmes adventures in the library, so if someone can actually get one accepted I think he's going to be open to canon puncture from everyone. If not for the books in the library, he wouldn't be open to canon puncture from L; there is no overt reference to Holmes in DN, like a book sitting out on a table or something).

I think that L is based on Holmes to a great extent, TBH. His habits, mannerisms, and quirks have been updated to suit his setting and audience (early 21st century, Shonen Jump, etc). I think it would stick out prominently to any Holmesian. Whether a Holmesian would appreciate the comparison or not is a different question; also, it seems obvious that there are a few other influences.

For fun and local color, firm_detective is a bit of a Holmes fanboy (when I was trying to think of stuff that a detective-inclined English-ish kid who probably didn't read a lot of fiction after the age of 8 might have read, that stood out). His reaction to Holmes would be analogous to the reaction a more normal guy around his age might have to the Transformers ("awesome childhood nostalgia thing"). He's slightly more flexible in characterization details than a character in a srs bsns panfandom might be, because I only play firm_detective in the DR, but it is not IC for him to be terribly and frequently nostalgic, so IIRC his interest spikes when he's in a vulnerable situation. (As a similar and related example, when he was age-reversed to eight, he wanted to read Poe's Dupin stories. Holmes as a character owes a great deal to Dupin.)

The major thing that stands out off the top of my head between L and Holmes, apart from the way L's lifestyle is enabled by modern technologies, is that they have very different backgrounds. IIRC Holmes has some kind of family tragedy, but he has a brother (who is both very successful, and even stranger than Holmes himself), etc. While the characterization is not always consistent across every Holmes adventure, he does seem to have more interpersonal relationships in his life than L does.

Those are my incoherent thoughts tonight. :)
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