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comfortable enough to confess to murder

Greeting's Ls~!

Posted by dubia_lux on 2008.10.03 at 14:23
Discussion time:

Those of you who have an L-What sort of setting do you play him in and how have you gotten him involved in the game? L's involvement is often one of the harder aspects of playing him.

Those of you who want to play an L-What sort of setting would you LIKE to play him in? Do you have plans or do you intend to take things as they come?


faustian_angel7 at 2008-10-04 00:08 (UTC) (Link)
Ehe, I currently play L in three multi-fandoms. Hope I can help~

1. The first is a heaven/hell type setting, where the two planes of existence battle in an earth-like realm. L was sort of tossed into the game, like most characters.... and since they had a Light, his immediate fixation was on him. THIS WEEK, L is finally killing Light! However, I've managed to get him involved with other characters, and even a relationship... L's awkwardness socially immediately gets him sympathy from kinder characters, and I've found that those who are nice to my muse get niceness from him in return. Usually, the challenge seems to be gaining credibility as the world's greatest detective. Have him investigate like CRAZY, being very nosy and asking characters a lot of questions, analyzing them to DEATH and driving them up the wall. L is neurotic, and his paranoia seems to be key.

2. The second one I'm in is based on the world of Ai no Kusabi. L is a "dark hair," meaning that he's fighting oppression and segregation in a city that discriminates based on hair color. He is the boldest L I have ever played, something of a radical revolutionary who taught himself to read with books that were hurled at his head by mean schoolchildren. I got him involved with the game by giving him a cause to fight for. He constantly quotes Dostoevsky and values his freedom above all else, and his ultimate goal is to know that his values will live on after his death. Especially if his background is drastically different from canon (hardened, feral street-child, in this case), you can do lots with his character.

3. The third is probably the closest to canon I've played L. Set in modern-day San Francisco, L arrives shortly before the outbreak of a dangerous pandemic and gets separated from Watari. I play him as an autistic savant here more than anywhere else; he has a hard time looking after himself, and this immediately snared the attention of the RP's Kurenai, who took him under her wing.

Basically... competence as a detective, radical viewpoints, and waywardness following Watari's death or departure are GREAT ways to get L involved. Force him to get out of his room; unless you are playing Watari or the game has one (unlikely), it shouldn't be too difficult.
firm_detective at 2008-10-06 18:20 (UTC) (Link)
Seconding the last paragraph of the previous post! L does a lot better in-game with no Watari around. (The ability to force Mello, etc., to run his errands is another factor that will keep him from getting out as much.)

I have two canonesque Ls; one, this account, is in DNDR, where the absence of plot is the main problem for him (he had a plot a few months ago, though, that was really great to play -- discovering the cause of and cure for an epidemic while he was extremely ill himself); the other (non_veritas) is in a new RP that's kicking off. I just took over moderatorship from the game's creator, to keep it going, and the end result is that I think L may wind up being half-NPC (since I now know as much as I do about the game's underlying mystery).

Having successors around is a mixed bag: IC-ly, it will probably make him slightly less likely to interact with anyone who isn't Mello or Near or Matt, but at the same time, he'll have "soldiers," maybe, depending on how the other muns are playing those characters. Whether this makes him feel more secure or less secure is a question of characterization choices. At the very least, he'll have some work to do establishing his identity, which might pull him out of his shell a bit.
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